Surrounding area

Because of being surrounded by nature, San Sebastián de Garabandal is a home-loving place and gather the perfect conditions to practise open air sports as fishing, hunting or mountaineering, the pleasure of walking just to look arround and enjoy every step.

You will not miss spectacular landscape, routes, with a wide range of distances and natural beauty. Advisable to cross the slope of Pe asagra and Puertos de Navas where you will see thousand of caws, horses and even deer grazing free and giving an outstanding beauty to these places from the inner area of Cantabria.

All those who enjoy going on a trip by the countryside, looking for calmness, so necessary sometimes, will find here that space inviting to breathe deep and enjoy this place so peculiar.

The visitor doesn`t have to move hundred of km. To visit Santo Toribio`s monastery, located in Camale o, Liebana region, just 3 km. Far from Potes. There lived and died El Beato de Liébana well-known for his Comentarios del Apocalipsis and considerated one of the most important figures in his time. Inside the church you can admire the Lignum Crucis chapel, the biggest fragment belonging to christ cross preserved. Santo Toribio still attracts thousand of pilgrims from everywhere.

And for those who doesn`t want to miss another icon of religious faith; the Sanctuary of Covadonga, located in our closer province, Asturias. According to tradition, Pelayo electec king in the middle of a blattle received virgin`s breath, appearing in front of the christian combatants, exactly in the same place where today the sanctuary of covadonga is. Covadonga means cova-longa / long-cave . The winners of that battle were the christians with sir Pelayo, who attributed their victory to virgin`s protection. Tradition indicates that before arabian invasion, many people worship to virgin in this cave, opened in a tall rock. On the left had of this torrent a fountain appears, named 7 ca os (7 taps), legends tell that if you drink from every tap, in less than one year you will get married (many people assure that if you don t breath until you finish drinking, you can be sure that it works!).

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